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Please see copies of certificates to certify the Amber used in all our jewellery.

We work very closely with Trading Standards.

There is no legal requirement in the UK for any lab testing to be carried out on our Amber Jewellery as it is not marketed for children under 36 months and therefore is not classed as a toy.

Also a lab test is on 1 piece of jewellery.  Each batch being delivered will be different.

In order to test correctly, one would need to test every delivery and every piece. This would be far too expensive for any retailer and a mammoth task.

However for your peace of mind and to know that you are buying genuine Baltic Amber we have attached some certificates of authenticity and are in the process of getting the Breakaway Feature Test carried out, which is part of the EN 71-1 Standard.

Please feel free to test any of our Amber as it is already tested by myself personally.

We have used the same supplier and have specialised in Amber since Feb 2012 and are confident or our quality.

If you would like a copy of a certificate emailed, please ask.



Certificate of Authenticity from the International Amber Association.

Since 1997, the Association has been granting certificates to recommend companies which have committed themselves to meeting the criteria required by the organisation.

The Certificate gives its bearer the right to use the Association’s logo. The logo testifies to the correctness of the processing method, the good quality of the entire product, as well as to the company’s reliability, it is a guarantee of the authenticity of the raw material used: exclusively Baltic amber, and therefore a protection against forgeries and substitutes.

Recommended companies must comply with Amber Classification System created by IAA.

Any company certified by the International Amber Association is a recommended firm that must not use shaped amber, pressed amber, amber surrogates, subfossil resins (copals) and synthetic resins

These Certificates are from the Orginial Source in Lithuania

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